Replacement glow forge will not cut all the way through 1/8 inch proof grade

My fear came true, and I have to vent. I was sent a “refurbished” Glow Forge Pro to replace my couple month old Glow forge that would only turn on occasionally and was stuck focusing. I did not want this refurbished unit, I was told that was all that they could do, and I was assured the quality of the refurbished machine was top notch and it would be in lightly used but like new working condition. What they sent me was a reconditioned piece of junk, much like the Glow forge company as a whole in my experience. I waited for almost a month to receive a printer head that never came in, finally they decided to send me a refurbished model. The new unit Glow forge sent will only cut through about 50% of what we try to print. I have cleaned everything multiple time, made sure the bed is free of debris and the material is held flat to the crumb tray. The alignment is off, even after recalibrating, and to top it off I’m using their overpriced proof grade material, and their file from the catalog. so here I am again without a working machine and no answer from the Glow forge customer service line, 20-minute hold and then you are cut off. Worthless product and 0 tech support. They sure as hell will answer the phone to sell you their faulty machine but if you are having issues, you are out of luck. If anyone has any other suggestions for me to try, I’d love to hear them, I was down all most of December and now I’m down again. After being down for so long, seeking issues for our problem, it has opened my eyes to the fact that the Glow forge machine are very problematic and lots of people are unhappy with their machines. Glow Forge needs to get their act together or they are going to end up in a class action lawsuit, their product is highly unfit to be sold.

I understand your frustration. However, this forum is a civil, family friendly place on the internet. Your crude language seems unhelpful to your case.

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I apologize for my language and have edited the post; I am beyond frustrated with the company and product

As I said, your frustration is totally understandable - you missed one of the words in your edit.

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If you post the images and time of your print of the Gift of Good Measure on PG material here, then when a staff member gets here they’ll be able to work faster, and possibly another owner will see something you’re missing. Overall these machines are rock solid. There are 10s of thousands of them out in the world and percentage wise very few folks with issues - but that doesn’t make any individual feel better when it’s their machine that has problems. I’ve been working with a refurbished machine for coming on 4 years - they are generally a better bet than a new one since they’ve been run through their paces. They are all tested before they get shipped out - so it was working. Something changed and the GoGM is the first step to figuring out what.


thank you I will try that shortly. The problem is, it is so inconsistent, sometimes it cuts all the way through and sometimes it does not. the pic below is a good example of what I’m experiencing, same print job on proofgrade maple, glowforge file from the catalog everything is flat and clean. item on the left generally cuts all the way through, the print on the right does not. they are side by side on the sheet

Yeah, PG shouldn’t do that - but they need a confirmed good file (GoGM) so they know what they should be seeing when they look at the logs. When you do cut that one - take a screenshot right before you hit Print that includes all the commands on the left all the way over to the name of your machine on the right.

I’m so sorry for the experience you’ve had with your replacement Glowforge, and I’ll be happy to assist you with the goal of getting you back up and printing consistently as quickly as possible.

Thank you for the detailed photo and description of the issue. As our other community members suggested, in most instances we ask people to run a test print with the Gift of Good Measure. I reviewed the logs from the print that matches your photo, and in this case I was able to get enough information from that print’s logs to continue troubleshooting.

The next step will be to inspect your unit’s optics to check for anything unusual, as sometimes replacing a component is the fastest path to correcting an issue cutting through material. I see that you opened a ticket with us via email. To avoid confusion, we try to keep things to a single support ticket per issue. I’ll close this forum thread and send instructions for taking the photos to you via email within the next 15 minutes.

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