Replacement glowforge pro won't show online

I have completed the setup, glowforge tells me to go to the dashboard and create! and then it won’t show online.

I have reset the modem, disconnected all other devices, reset and turned off and turned on after a few minutes a few times now. I have checked firewalls. and still NOTHING

my other glowforge connected fine. why won’t this one. nothing has changed accept for the glowforge itself.

i tethered it to my cell and it works from there. but there is no way anyone can work from a cell phone!

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Make sure that you have your replacement selected in the interface. When you get a second Glowforge you will have two to choose from in the drop down menu. Others have been derailed by this.


omg thank you so so much!

support emailed me and didn’t tell me this so thank you so so much


Hi @amancinelli. Thank you for letting us know you were able to get this resolved with the advice from fellow owners. I see that you had opened an email ticket for this and apologize for any delays in response. Since it appears to be resolved, I’ll go ahead and close this thread, and the email opened. However, please feel free to create a new thread or email if you run into any further trouble. I’ll be happy to help. Happy printing!