Replacement parts not offered on website

Curious how long it takes for GF staff to return messages/emails. The free spin bearing on the laser head carriage broke and I cannot find a replacement part listed to purchase on website. Normally I can wait for support but I have time sensitive orders needing to be finished :frowning_face:.

Thank you for any help on this!

Send photos to Support and they will invoice you for replacements and send the parts.
You might also check Etsy for others selling these.
As for the amount of time for a Glowforge response, it is variable. Auto response to emails within 24 hours. Actual responses are 3-5 days or more right now judging from posts here in the forum.


Ok thank you. The downtime is going to hurt so I was hoping the actual response time would be better than 3-5 days but all I can do it wait.

I have sent photos to support already just waiting to hear back.

Just checked Etsy. You can probably get the parts pretty fast.


PM @yoyodyne2112 and see if he’s got one he can sell you. He provides a number of spare parts at good prices & quick service.


etsy has these items for sale forsure. support takes about 3 days so hang in there make sure u attach photos when sending support and email

Thank you…I went ahead and followed your advice and ordered.

Thank you.

I will keep that info for the future. Thank you

np. glad i could help. ive never ran into this problem myself yet but i do alot of research so i find out stuff pretty fast

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