Replacement plastic pully wheel only

The plastic wheel that holds the pulley just randomly broke during a print. I cant see it on the spare parts you can order. Any help if its possible to hold it together to keep working. Right in the holiday season…:sob:


It looks like that has a metal piece in the middle. I just need the plastic circle that is on the top for the pully wheel that the head rides on. Not from the carriage itself.
Am I wrong about that ?

Read the description of this part. I believe this is what you need and yes it includes more than the plastic part.


It is one piece, the metal center is not intended to be separate.


It is not the piece with the center. I have found a seller on Etsy. Thank you for your response.

I would not count on that lasting long.

The pulley (actually an idler) is one part with the plastic pressed onto the metal hub.


I ordered a new pully as well just in case. I am currently using electrical tape yo hold ot together
But yes it is the piece for the hub. I don’t know why they aren’t sold separately. Was really disappointed in the cheap plastic of this peice.

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