Replacement Pro Busted on first print

Set up my replacement pro. This is my 4th.

Here is the video listen to the sound. Glowforge is not powering up enough. I’m recording the gift of good measure.

UPDATE This is why the machine is not working. I was inspecting the laser head and discovered this. The mirror was turned upside down.

This is beyond bad. This is scary dangerous!!

The laser coming in from the left side of the head melted the plastic on the mirror instead of hitting the mirror… since it was upside down.
Did the replacement come with that mirror upside down?




Yes, the replacement Pro came with the mirror facing up.

I have never taken the magnetic lid off the laser head when setting up a machine —- to check if the mirror was correctly placed.

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This is almost like a practical joke by whoever boxed it up. Every machine is supposed to be calibrated and tested, it obviously would not have functioned that way.


Wow. I think they should be taking a long hard look at the company that refurbishes these things.


It’s my understanding the machine in question was new. JWW can confirm.


Brand new machine! Gorgeous! Not 1 itty bitty scratch!!

Came in a new box with a big red sticker that read assembled in Mexico.

Here is a picture of the laser head that held the upside down mirror. It is brand new

Glowforge 3 is still hear ready to be shipped. Eric came home from lunch at took the printer head off from Glowforge 3. I then connected it to Glowforge 4.

I could not do the printer head calibration that is required. Message appeared that read “offline”. It was not offline.

I decided to just go ahead and try printing the gift good measure Printed the Gift of Good.
Measure. Absolutely perfect.


Ouch. Even worse then.

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So you’re up and running then good to hear. Looks like the factory that produces these machines needs a little more quality assurance.

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I do not know how support is going to handle that I am keeping the printer head from Glowforge 3 and returning Glowforge 3 with the printer head from Glowforge 4.

I will include a long detailed explanation inside the shippping box—- when Glowforge 3 gets shipped back.

I absolutely love my Glowforge, the company and love the community forums.

My Glowforge is my window to the outside. If I do not have a doctor’s appointment —I only leave the house once a month or once every 6 weeks. My favorite destination— Hobby Lobby.

The physical pain I experience every day from my disability is extremely debilitating. It is much easier to stay home and avoid more pain.

My view on life is still —-the glass is half full.

I won the marriage lottery with Eric—27 years ago and I still feel like we are on our honeymoon. Also a friendship with Eric that started 37 years ago. Fall of 1985. He absolutely spoils me but I am not entitled. I have never pressured Eric to live in $1 million home, drive $100,000 car, or take expensive vacations. I can not breathe without him. He is my heart.

We have two beautiful dogs that are healthy, I am extremely fortunate to have enough money to spend on craft supplies and purses.

My favorite activity when the weather is nice— is to sit on the deck, hold hands with Eric as we watch the two dogs play in the backyard.

My favorite activity when the weather is bad— lay in bed with Eric and the dogs, watch a movie, eat junk food and fall asleep in Eric’s arms.

I am also very humbled that I have made beautiful friendships with several people here.

@CMadok @eflyguy @trually @Aloha @rbtdanforth @Jules @RyanD @techquest89

Christy, Andrew, Ally,Peter, Bob, Jules. Ryan and Hock. Eight incredible individuals that always make me smile and make me feel so very special. I opened up my heart and all of them accept me for who I am. A Republican who owns lots of firearms and ammo and has a quirky personality.

Christy does the most awesome impression of me. The southern accent and the inflection I use when I speak is perfectly executed!!

I guess the only complaint I have —- support’s time and my time will be wasted addressing this burned up laser head mirror situation.


I doubt there will be much of an issue of more of your time. You have your laser working and the burned head is on the laser shipping out. I very much doubt that they will make a thing of it.

The should have a museum at the factory noting the various results of what happens from different qc errors. They probably have a pretty complete set if they have not been tossed out in the trash.


I can’t see support having any issues with that. You are saving them the expense of shipping yet another machine.
I hope this one continues to perform for many years. Best of luck!

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Support is great. They are letting me keep the laser head from Glowforge 3 .

When I receive my shipping label from Glowforge I will ship out Glowforge 3 with printer head 4.

Please make sure if you receive any machines from Glowforge you will now check the laserhead.

Now I can laugh about this. Last night I was so livid —. I wanted to take my wheelchair and bust Juan over the head. Not only did he put burn up the inside of the laserhead —he made me miss my Sunday night date with Bob @rbtdanforth

Here is the letter from support.


Lol, Danielle must be busy; she is working on my “issue” as well. My replacement machine learned to be efficient the other day and just starts blinking the light on its own and is ready to print. All without me having to do anything in the app :slight_smile: I need to rename it “Surprise!”

I think its a feature…? lol


Plus you still have the glass! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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I wonder if Danielle goes home and goes straight to the liquor cabinet.

Does she have nightmares about burned up laser heads and blinking lights?

What happened to your original GF?

@ovm.steve You are absolutely correct and I still have the glass.

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