Replacement Pulleys (do you know of another vendor?)

I have a glowforge plus, and the head was slipping during cuts. I replaced the head, the sled, and a cracked plastic pulley to the left of the head. Unfortunately, the refurbished pulley only lasted a 2 months, and ruined the job I ran yesterday. I just ordered 2 more refurbished pulleys at $7/ea. Unfortunately the flat rate shipping is $25.

I was wondering if anyone has found an external source for pulleys like uxcell on amazon. If you have, please let me know. I would love to switch to a metal pulley and not have the plastic crack. I found this one, but the outer diameter is smaller:

As long as it is flat rate, I have ordered more stuff to spread out the shipping cost.

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Search Etsy and eBay rather than Amazon. There are a number of people on those platforms
producing replacement wheels and pulleys, and pulling them out of scrapped Glowforges to resell the used parts.


Try looking for 3D Printed files. If you don’t have a printer, there are 3D Printing services out there as well. I’d ssuggest using PETG or ABS or even Nylon at 100% infill and hgh resolution, better than .20. Maybe .18 or .06 IIRC.

I know it isn’t a metal solution, but a cheaper solution and you’ll potentially have have dozens on hand and can replace them over a set peroiod of time as a normal maintenance routine.

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