Replacement tube to EU

Does somebody know how much a replacement tube will be and how much would be the shipping to Europe?

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Nobody knows how much a replacement tube will be anywhere, since there aren’t any replacement tubes available yet.


I think “less than $500” is the best price we’ve gotten so far. Best I can recall they don’t have shipping info for EU yet. You might try searching the forum; Dan has posted some updates regarding filter replacements in the past, and there’s been quite a bit of discussion on the topic.

Sorry, @chris1, that reply was meant for @andreasrkopp, not you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thanks! What I learned from a laser guy that the laser tube lifetime depends on how consistant the temperature is in the room it is in. So I am always disconnecting the hoase from the hole that leads outside.

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Our Pro just (1/19/19) got handed over to Fedex to get shipped back to GF to get a new tube. Had to send the whole unit. $500 was what we paid. So we shall see how long it takes. I know this does not help answer the OP question but I am assuming that by prev threads I have started that we will still be the first ones to send our machine off to get a new tube put in. We where never given the option to just purchase a new tube and coolant for us to install.


did you ask for that option and they refused or was it just not offered?

Kind of neither. When we first contacted support we stated what we needed and asked for our options and the only one given was to have it sent in.

I had found this post when searching the FAQ, and it reiterates what you paid:

There’s also a mention in the FAQ page that says that they’ll sell the parts, but it doesn’t say when. What’s odd, and I guess it’s because of the “competition” it states there won’t be a manual sent when purchasing the tube directly…Here’s another update that supports that they’ll sell replacement tubes:

It also states that that’s the pricing within the US, so I guess we don’t know what the EU would cost. May be something similar, but with you paying the additional shipping costs, or maybe they’re saving the pricing of the tube and parts for when someone like you does need a replacement. From what I remember, there was a possible issue that selling the tubes directly may have an impact on the alignment, but that might just be my memory from questions that were never officially answered, so take that with a grain of salt.

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Hi Andrea, to be honest, we all should disconnect it anyway, as you said, due to the temperature and also humidity that might come and damage your machine etc…
I too always disconnect my exhaust pipe ! :slight_smile:

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The other thing we “know” from people who have taken their machines apart is that replacing the tube yourself is likely to be much harder than you might think. If it’s $500 to have Glowforge do it, there is no discount that would make it worth it for me to attempt such a thing.


My K40 tubes would cost me $300+ so the extra (assuming they last somewhat longer and I get my machine recalibrated) with labor & shipping seems good to me. At my usage that’s gonna be a few years before I worry about it.


We’re working now to begin offering this - when we do, we’ll have pricing and shipping information for you. I’m going to close this thread for now.

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