Replacement Unit Shipping Timeframe

How long has it been taking to send out replacement machines? I have a plus that need to be replaced because it just wasn’t turning on. Every email that I get says that I would get it in 10 days, usually less and when I email them they say they are checking the team that handles it. Today is 13 days since I accepted the replacement, 9 business days not including Labor Day. I would just like a date so I know how much longer it will get to me.

Posting here has opened another support ticket so they will close this and continue to work with you via email.

Unfortunately they don’t have a warehouse of machines waiting to be shipped, the company building them can only predict when a machine will be available, and that’s the information that was provided to support.

I’m so sorry for the wait. Your Glowforge has shipped today! I’ve just followed up to your email with more details, so I’m going to close this topic.

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