I only had my machine for two weeks before I needed to send it back. I boxed it up and sent it the day GF sent the label. I was told that my replacement machine would take no more than two weeks to ship. Unfortunately I am already at the two week time frame. I emailed support and they said that they checked with logistics team and didn’t have any updates for me at this time.

How long did it take for you to get your replacement machine? I guess I am worried because I was part of that whole shipping mix up in late March/early April where a batch of orders were skipped and not shipped until a bunch of people emailed support and they realized their error.

I really loved my machine while it worked but feel like most of my time is spent sitting around waiting for shipping when I have orders that are backlogged.

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I was also told by support “We have your replacement order prioritized over new orders, and we’ll let you know the moment it ships” but I can see on my FB Group many people posting their shipping notifications and pictures of their machines delivered so I know basics are going out. Just hoping mine isn’t lost in the mix again.

Those may well have been on the “conveyor belt” before yours arrived there. My machine took 5 weeks but there was a glitch.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry yours took 5 weeks. I will completely flip if mine takes that long.

I don’t have any advice, but I hope your replacement is on the way to you soon!

Covid is a glitch of great magnitude, affecting far more than your Glowforge.


I am mostly concerned about my warranty ticking away while I don’t even have my machine. And yes I couldn’t agree more that Covid is an awful devastating disease affecting all aspects of everyone lives.

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