Replacing carriage plate

Please help. I’ve only had my glowforge for a couple of months and I already have problems. My carriage plate wheels are broken. Please help I spent over 7,000 dollars to have a quality machine and at this moment I wish I didn’t have it

Support will help. This has happened many times in the past. Wonderful machine though!!!

Support will send replacement wheels as soon as they see this.

Just a bit of encouragement, many of us (thousands) have had our machines for years without an issue. Somewhere in the recent past the company sourced another supply of those wheels which unfortunately turned out to be inferior.

Imagine yourself in the company’s position of having shipped out machines with that issue, and having your customers faith shaken within weeks of their purchase. Amplify that feeling you have in your gut to get an idea of how glowforge feels about it. A problem they shouldn’t have had to deal with.

I have seen this company in action for years, and my machine has been flawless across thousands of cuts and engraves. My money was well placed and I believe yours was too.
Oh, welcome to the forum, I wish your first post had been one of excitement instead of disappoinment. The bright spot is you still have an adventure ahead of you. :sunglasses:


Hello @rafael_arriaga1989, I’m sorry to see you have broken v-wheels. I see you emailed us about this as well. Since I will need to collect some personal information, I will reply to you on the email thread and close this forum topic.