Request: checkbox on object list on left

Give the memory and size limitations in the current GF system, I find myself breaking my designs into many parts, then turning each part on and the others off so that each part is under the GF’s memory limit. This is currently very click-intensive, since ignore is a few clicks down menu picks that (at least for me) require clicking slowly for the GFUI to keep up with the clicks. On what I’m doing now the one sheet is cut into 19 objects, each of which needs to be turned off or on twice while cutting a single sheet design. That’s a lot of clicks, and it’s also error-prone.

It would be very nice if the list of objects on the left (bitmaps, cuts) had a check box so that a single click could ignore/not ignore each object, making it much faster to flip objects on/off. When ‘ignored’ the object should retain its settings (e.g. Proofgrade 3D Engrave) so that the design could be set up once, then I could quickly flip parts on/off and print.

Of course, if the memory limitation were fixed, I wouldn’t need this. But I’m guessing that this would be a lot easier to implement, so it might make sense as a work-around making life easier for people who work in large/complex designs.


I think this would be a very useful feature in other situations. For example, flip over operations, some pass through designs, mask on followed by mask off operations, etc. A useful way to do a bunch of this stuff is to jam it all into a single overlapping and aligned design with a separate color for each and then enable the ops one by one.


Good point! I’ve used that technique for cutting guides for positioning material for cutting (for example). Since they’re all one design, everything aligns precisely.

So modify my request - it’s not just a workaround for the memory limitations, it’s also useful for the kinds of things @markwal listed!

Thanks so much for the ideas! We really appreciate your feedback and I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team.

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