Request for Scaling by number

I use scaling all the time in the app as I make my SVGs larger for multiple uses. So I scale an image to fit my needs but if I have to remake a project and need the same size scaling it could be a bit tricky… currently we can only use the ruler or match up the image on a previous project that I lay on the bed… but having a percentage or number to go by and be able to not only read, but also type in, would be much easier.


Yes there are many requests for numeric input and display of position, size and angle. Crazy having a highly accurate CNC machine with an interface that requires you to eyeball everything. I don’t know what they were thinking. It makes it like a toy.


Numbers? You talkin’ the circle and the line? And the loopy Z, backward E, one-legged A, blocky S, closed-up G, rotated L, mirrored S, and the elevated g?

Never heard of them.

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That’s some crazy talk there!

Apple is going complete open source!!!
Now there’s crazy talk. :smile:

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I don’t think that’s too crazy… they’ve already been giving away their OS for a couple years now so it just makes since really. I hope in time it will force MS to do the same. Though Apple is much different than MS since it doesn’t really allow 3rd parties to create their hardware so they still make money on that end whereas MS was mostly focused on software… but obviously is playing catch up with it’s Surface tablet/laptop. And I’m suspect we’ll see them start making full blown desktop machines too.


yeah but thats still technically a laptop.

I wouldn’t want to hold it on my lap. If that’s a laptop then so is the iMac Pro.

I don’t know, once the keyboard and the screen aren’t attached and there’s no way to rest the monitor on your lap, I don’t think anybody would consider it a laptop anymore.

Unless you just mean that it has a graphics card made for a laptop. In which case, perhaps what you meant by “full blown” desktop is a tower case that includes graphics cards you can swap out. OK, but then I don’t think we’ll see MS make one of those. Shrinking market with too little room to add value I think.

But who knows, stranger things have happened.

Sorry… I didn’t actually look at the link… thought it was like a dock… but yeah I guess that is more like an iMac.

Plus touch… which Apple seems to avoid on the desktop for now.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team.

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