Request: PSD & AI format support

This isn’t really a high priority issue, but it is important.

Back in the early days, there was talk that the Glowforge web app would be able to read Photoshop and Illustrator files natively. That was a pretty compelling feature for us, as the lasers we’d used (Epilog, Trotec, ULS) all could read the same types of files… it seemed like a fairly common feature. Simply set the line to a certain width (such as .001") for cutting, and everything else would be treated as an engrave.

Please add similar support to Glowforge, that would make it easier for us to print our designs in the popular design software’s native format, instead of having to play around with exporting files in intermediary file formats.



Personally, I’d prefer an extension for PS/AI. The .psd/.ai formats really aren’t intended as exchange formats (as I learned the hard way trying to move files from Illustrator to Corel to cut on an old industrial laser). There’s a bunch a cloud service would have to do to juggle different versions, and then more it’d need to do to deal with things like gradients or effects, which are probably better off getting rasterized before being sent off.

If I could say, cut this layer (or this color, or this mask…), engrave that (with either of the current power curves, or someday in 3D…), and send that directly off to the :glowforge:, that’s a bigger time-saver for me (though admittedly not for Inkscape/Sketch fans).


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure the team sees it!