Request to add rotate by value (number), not just the spinner

I love the ability to reposition and resize using numeric controls - great of aligning different pieces precisely. Request is to be able to control not just a length, width, x and y, but the angle in the reposition and resize ‘ruler widget’ as well.


Holding the shift key while rotating results in 45 degree rotation, but I agree that a definable rotation would be nice.


Would love this too. I run my gf from my iPad and this would be super handy.

Agreed. This would be a valuable, functional addition to the basic controls.

Using the shift key to ‘snap’ objects at 45° increments easily covers 90% of my needs, but the ability to fine tune angular positioning would be super handy.

Yes, I’ve been asking for this since day one.

Registering pre-printed materials is really, really, really hard without it.

I wholeheartedly agree. Ruler, Shift key etc. are good but some critical functions are better off having as icons ! Also shift key may work for the angles in 45 degree increment but what if someone wants to rotate at 30 and 60 degrees? Why should one be restricted to only 45 degrees?

A “simple” programmatic solution for the GFUI would allow the user to restrain to 15° increments while using the option key along with the shift key. I’ve used several desktop applications that implement this feature.

BTW - adding in 15 degree increments is better, but still - if I can type in an exact x or y value, x or y size, and the rotation angle is stored as a number, would be great to be able to tweak the angle as a number… I just did a bunch of engraving on wooden kitchen utensils, and couldn’t ‘twist’ quite accurately enough so had to nudge one side of the utensil 1mm or so, which isn’t always easy with the other side not pin…

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve shared them with the team.