Requests: 'invert' engraves, and pushing to GF straight from apps

These have been requested before, but I’m posting since the old topics get closed, and repetition is as close as we get to voting. And perhaps I’ll come up with a new thought?

I do a lot of engraving onto things, and it’d save time (and potential for errors) in the workflow if:

  1. There were plugins in popular apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, etc.) to send a file straight to the GlowForge in the format that it wants. Look at how Trotek allows you to ‘print’ from Illustrator to the laser cutter. This would just generate an SVG and push it into GFUI so that it’s in your ‘catalog’, not actually start printing. This saves unnecessary clicking (saving a file, switching, finding the file again), making preparing large numbers of images easier.

  2. There was an option in GFUI to ‘negative’ an engrave. That is, choosing whether black or white equals max power. I engrave the same thing into different materials (slate, wood) and it’d be convenient to just flip ‘negative’ in the GFUI rather than going back to the source file, generating a negative of the image, exporting, and re-uploading. This doesn’t require any path clipping cleverness, etc., literally just picking whether for a given bitmap you want to engrave the white or the black in the image.

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Thanks for your feature “vote”! You’re right, these would be pretty cool options.

We don’t have anything like this to announce yet. Stay posted!