Res botton over heating

I was 30 minutes into printing engraving on leather and my Glowforge message cooling down but never started back. I canceled the job and it been over 3 hours and the message have not changed.

Here are a few things to check:

  1. What’s the temperature in the room your Glowforge is in? A Glowforge Basic/Plus have a max operating temperature of 75F and can’t get any cooler than the air temperature in your room, since they’re air cooled.

  2. Is your exhaust fan and the grate behind it clogged up with debris? These have to be cleaned occasionally. The machine won’t cool down if air isn’t moving through the case, and the exhaust fan is the primary mover of that air.

  3. Is the white ribbon cable going into the print head clicked into place? It’s possible to become loose or disconnected during a job, and the button on your Glowforge will stay yellow permanently until this cable is reconnected.

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I have check all of those things and the button remains red. I have the Pro model.

@aeronicacook I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is saying it is cooling down. It looks like we replied to an email you sent us regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.