Reset Design

Like a few others here, I’m now having trouble resetting a catalog design. The file for my personal artwork is nowhere to be seen in the design page, so I can’t delete it. But for whatever reason, when I open the Endless Coffee Coasters file, there is the artwork but not the coasters. I already tried logging out, back arrow, refreshing browser, etc.

I think you need to delete your added artwork from the catalog design before you can reset it.

Haha. Thanks but as I stated above, the artwork is not in the catalog.

So delete your artwork in the layout view and then go back and reset the catalog item.

I believe the procedure runs:

  1. Go to the home page and open the Endless Coasters File.
  2. Delete your artwork that shows up there.
  3. Go back to the Home page.
  4. Open up the Endless Coasters file again.
  5. Then use the Reset button.

Might be wrong, in which case someone will no doubt correct me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay - that sounds good. But I don’t see a delete option anywhere on that screen. Is it hiding from me?

Yes everything is hidden in modern GUI design. Click on it to select it and then hit the delete key.

OH MY GOODNESS! Seriously? I’m looking all over for a stinking command named “DELETE” when all I had to do was hit my delete key? (shaking head in shame):roll_eyes::rofl:


Yes modern GUIs are no longer aiming to be easy to use, they just want to appear simple and uncluttered. I can remember when Windows GUI guidelines said all commands should be in the menu tree somewhere regardless of whether they could be accessed with a keyboard shortcut or a toolbar button.


From the current guidelines:


Armed with that little nugget of information, I’ve now discovered that rather than “adding artwork” 5 separate times, I can add it once, resize and then copy/paste. Look at me, Cinderella, late to the ball!:laughing:


I wonder what the guidance was when they tried to push touchscreen on everyone with Windows 8…? Seems like UI/UX has gone “minimalist” as touch screens have become more prevalent.

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Certainly out of necessity. My club like fingers are not as nimble as a mouse pointer.


Nor mine. I hate the idea of touchscreen pc’s. Perfectly fine with the touch interface on my phone and tablet though. UI should definitely “match the hatch” so to speak. I love keyboard shortcuts but certainly not everyone does. And I’ve learned a lot of keyboard shortcuts by having the command listed in the menu option (like Adobe does).

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I love them :slight_smile: And I’m an old guy from the days of the original PC (hell, I had an Apple II).

I find myself touching monitors all over the place wondering why they’re not responding :smile:


Hot keys…

It come to me after 4 or 5 pokes…

OMG! That is so why I’m a lousy teacher of things :grin:

Some serious team work here everyone! Thank you so much for the help @palmercr and @jules.

I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any more trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!