Resizing artwork WITHOUT keeping the dimensions

I am new to GF community and am having trouble trying to fit an engrave shape into a cut shape. I cannot seem to figure out how to stretch the artwork in the GF software. I do not want to maintain the dimensions.

For instance, I want to cut a cat shape, but engrave a SLIGHTLY SMALLER version of the cat shape into it. The images are off, and I want to be able to “stretch” the image to fit how it should be if that makes sense. I am able to do this is Cricut software, but not on GF.

I am new to working with SVG files and have a LOT of learning to do. Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

The GF maintains the aspect ratio when resizing. If you want to resize like so, I would recommend doing it in your design software and embedding the engrave image into the SVG.


Agree. Depending on where the images are coming from the design software also can make it easier than trying to do a stretch action. Take the picture of the cat and use the software’s “draw border” function to create a border around the artwork. The picture can be engraved and the border cut and the two will be exactly the same size/shape. Most software also offers a method to make the outline stand away from the artwork by a defined amount so as to leave a bit of a border of the material being cut out.

Inkscape, AI and CorelDraw all can do that.

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Totally agree with jb.

Does your file have only one shape for cutting and you are copying( and stretching) that shape for engraving?

If so, you’ll end up cutting both shapes. When you do a copy and paste, the GF will treat all copies the same way.

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If the surrounding shape is an open path, (not a closed shape) you can stretch the inside shape individually.

Glowforge treats anything completely enclosed inside of a closed vector path as a Group. (Makes it more accurate to move things around in the interface without losing relative alignment.) If you want to treat them independently, you can place a small gap or cut in the surrounding shape - it should let you treat the insides independently.


Maybe time to learn to use Inkscape? It’s free. It is full featured. The Glowforge (mostly) likes what it puts in SVG files. And, it will look good on your resume! :sunglasses:


I think I could do this. Thanks for verifying I can’t do this in GF software.

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Thank you

Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone. @jbmanning5 is correct, the aspect ratio is maintained when you resize artwork in the Glowforge app.

If you’re interested in using Inkscape to design, our community has created a wealth of tutorials to get you started using. You can find these in the Tips & Tricks section of the community forum.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you have any other questions, please start a new topic, or email us at Happy printing!