Resizing projects for different material thickness

I was searching for an easy way to resize vector files for making models and found this link I felt it would be of interest to the community.

I have only tried it on Inkscape and the measuring tool seems to indicate that the scaling works.



There are a few ways to do this, I prefer the “*desired/current” method. It’s basically the same as what you described but it takes advantage of inkscape’s native support of functions as dimensions.

I wrote it up once, where’d I put that? Hmm…

Here we go:

Of course the best way to do it is with a parametric program like fusion 360, but you can do some of that sort of thing in inkscape (and others) using clones.

(Warning this one is long)


This is brilliant! Someone should get a medal for this.

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Thank you, some how I missed your post while searching the forum.

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