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Wait… snapmarks are working and on some machines… but not getting deployed to any more? I’m really starting to get tired of what is sounding like arbitrary crap. Some people get features… some do not… You can’t buy a filter separate from the cutter, but if you want to buy it at the time of buying the cutter you can have one…

The concept, is if you make the SVG 12x20, you get absolute positioning. Obviously don’t move anything in the Truitt…

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I don’t find any need to define my GF work area in Inkscape. I build/design my parts, then just drag them onto the material in the GF UI.

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Exactly. Work area size in any software that I’m aware of doesn’t matter. Just design it and import it. GFUI doesn’t care what the workspace size was in inkscape or illustrator or whatever.

Actually, it does.

It checks in the background for what size the document is. If it’s an aspect ratio that matches up to 12x20 (3x5 aspect ratio), it knows how to scale a file if the file is unitless, or defined in pixels.

Why? Because different programs use different default interpretations of pixels per inch. If you make a 1” square in Illustrator that in the SVG code is defined as 72 pixels (what Illustrator uses - 72 PPI), when you bring it into the app, it will be a different size since most browsers use 96 PPI.


Odd. If true I definitely stand corrected. But so far I haven’t seen any difference from what I created and what I have printed. And I’ve used corel draw, inkscape, and illustrator. But perhaps I have had the settings set correctly from the get-go. Good to know.

It also allows for exact, repeatable placement.

For example, I’ve lost power cutting puzzles before, which obviously results in a lost job. Since I set my document up as 12x20” and didn’t move it in the app, I’m able to go back into it, delete out the paths that have already been cut, upload a new file, and continue the cut with exact precision and without cutting lines that have already been cut.


So I’m on board with the sizing in Inkscape now; however, when it comes to jigs, how do you remove what you cut out and how do you insert what you want to engrave without disrupting the surrounding jig?

You pin the backing material down using the Honeycomb Pins here:

And you can use something like this weeding tool to lift the cut part out without shifting the backing. Or just double up some tape and lift it out.

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Agreed. I’ve never had the GF UI “resize” anything I’ve created, and I’ve been working with a blank workspace for quite some time (the borders/edges bother me when I have no use for them! OCD much?)

I’m struggling to remember what I was working on a while back, but I was adjusting sizes down to 10ths of a mm in Inkscape, and the parts were cutting exactly as expected.

I must have botched something pretty badly. I made a design in inkscape with a square and a design inside the square. I cut out the square (setting the design to ignore). I removed the square I cut out, flipped it over (I’m sure I didn’t even have to do this part, but I wanted to try removing what I cut out), then engraved the design with the square set to ignore. The design was way off. It was over 1" off when the square I cut out was about 1" on a side.

Maybe I changed a setting or moved the workpiece in between steps. I’ll have to try this again. The workpiece I started with was 12"x20" - it filled the width of the crumb tray completely such that it couldn’t move side-to-side at all and I’d have to really force it to move forward or backwards.

Did some tests yesterday with illustrator and I was surprised. I created a 2" circle and exported it as SVG and when importing it into GFUI it came in as a 1.5" circle. So that… is odd. I then created an interlocking hexagon (like catan pieces)… and once again those were significantly smaller than the original design. I tried it with 12x20 workspace and 72dpi and 300dpi (I don’t think I had an option in illustrator to do 96dpi). So now I’m a little confused as to what settings I need to do in illustrator. I’ll have to do some more testing. :smile:

Is the “responsive” box checked or unchecked for exporting the SVG? There has been lots of discussion regarding resizing of files. Here is one thread: GFUI is resizing/rescaling my SVG file. Why?


That may be it. I did have responsive checked by default.

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You shouldn’t be able to see your 12x20 art board, just your design.

And in the GFUI

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Yep, this is what I did.

I tried it a second time and got it to work (design of engrave and cutout; cut out the border; flip over the cut-out piece; engrave w/o cut).

I’m not sure what I did wrong the first time.

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