{Resolved} Help with first print, wifi, software

I’m sure this has been addressed multiple times…patience with the newbie, if possible.

I have my new gf all unboxed and plugged in. I think I completed the wi-fi part but I’m not entirely sure. Via my phone I connected the gf to my wifi. If something is supposed to happen after that I haven’t done it and cannot figure out how to get back to square one on the wifi.

Assuming it is all connected correctly, I want to print something. Where is the software located? How do I access it?

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It appears that a few more minutes of hunting around would have solved my problem. Why do I seem to find the answer right AFTER I ask for help?!?!?!


Holding down the button about 10 seconds will turn it teal/green and enter the WiFi setup. Once it is completed successfully you get a congratulatory message.

I think it’s some kind of universal law. Happens to me all the time too.




Me too!

Precisely why a bartender is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

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@chris1: Oh my. I think there are a few theologians I know who could benefit by a discussion/practices/definitions wiki like this. I lost an hour to it.

@kim1032: Something about the preparation for setup and execution is just not clicking for folks. In the best of all possible worlds, starting with setup.glowforge.com should provide a clear experience, but I think that people don’t always get to the next step of app.glowforge.com when there are wifi difficulties, whatever those may be, and might actually be good to go, but there hasn’t been a smooth handoff from the setup screen. Glad you got it working.


I’m sorry for the confusion and I’m glad you figured it out.

Happy printing!