Resolved: Keyboard input not responsive, nudge, copy/paste etc

I just had some problems getting my keyboard to respond while in the Glowforge app. I’m on a Macbook pro using Chrome. The copy/paste function and nudge using the arrows were not responding. I didn’t realize how dependent I am on those until they were disabled. Before I restarted, I noticed my CAPS LOCK was on. After turning it off, all functions returned. Thought that might be a good tip to put out there for someone scratching their head!


That’s just wacky.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Caps Lock have any effect on those functions in any other context.


I can duplicate this behavior in Safari 11.1.1, Safari Technology Preview 54 (basically a beta of Safari 11.2), Chrome 65.0.3325.181, and Firefox 59.0.2. (All on macOS 10.13.5 beta 2.)

It’s actually worse in Firefox: with the other browsers, when you take caps lock off the arrow keys start working again. But in Firefox once you’ve had caps lock on the arrows stop working even after you turn caps lock off! (The arrow keys do start working again if you reload the page.)