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I am having issues with my glowforge not working at all. I submitted a post here along with the video and got a response from one of the team members. He was going to email me on Monday so that we could attempt to figure out what is going on with my glowforge. I still have not gotten an email from him. Is 48 hours typical or should I reach out to someone again?

Actually, it depends on how severe the problem is, and how long it takes them to get something set up, so a few days is not unusual right now.

Hang tight, they’ll get it resolved as soon as they can. (Sorry, I know the waiting is the worst part.)

They typically respond within one business day, but stuff happens. Posting here has opened another support ticket, so they will see this and check in on the existing case.

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Hello @mjauw11

I’m very sorry that you’ve not received anything yet! I’d sent out a follow up email shortly after reaching out in your other forum topic, could you please check your spam or junk folders to see if it may have ended up there?

If not, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the email I’ve got on file on my end. I’ve sent a personal message to you through the forum to follow up just in case that turns out to be what’s going on.

Please give that a look and we can go from there, I’m sorry for the mixup!


Responded to the message you sent here. Thank you!!!

Alright @mjauw11 I’ve got some troubleshooting steps, I apologize for the hang up while we got everything sorted out.

I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate the problem, and it seems like your unit is running into trouble during the calibration step. During calibration, the lid camera finds the Printer Head by taking a series of images.

There are a few different reasons this error may be occurring, but based off what I see in your printer’s logs, it may be an issue with how the printer head is moving.

Could you please try the following?

  • Turn off your Glowforge
  • Clean your lid camera with a Zeiss wipe
  • Remove all material from the crumb tray
  • Check that the carriage plate is installed correctly. You can follow these instructions to clean and check Carriage Plate. Please give special attention to the following details.
    • The teeth on the belt point to the inside, towards eachother.
    • The belt is not overly loose
    • The belt is a single loop, and does not have any twists anywhere along the length.

Once you’ve had a chance to perform these troubleshooting steps, turn on your Glowforge and let it try the calibration again. If you are still having trouble, let us know.

We have done all of those things. We had to replace the belt after ours broke. We replaced it with a 6mm gt2. Ever since then the lens carriage pulls to the side and almost jerks. The belt glides perfect manually. Also, the screen won’t clear from the last image of what was cut.

Hi. Following up to see if you have any other suggestions on what is wrong with my glowforge.
Thank you

Hello @mjauw11 sorry for the delay in my response and I apologize we’ve not been able to correct this issue for you yet.

I think the next thing I’d like to do is grab some photos of the pulleys and belt underneath your laser arm to do a little further inspecting. Based off the log data and images from your last couple of calibration attempts, it looks like the head isn’t moving correctly, and I believe these photos are the best next step to narrow down why.

We’d like to get a good look at the pulleys on either side of the laser arm as well as the belt itself.

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Something is definitely wrong. The belts should be running parallel to the gantry, nowhere on the machine are they crooked as shown in both of those pics.

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Can you please clarify what you mean by that or send a pic of how it should look? We replaced it exactly the same as when we clean the glowforge - we’ve never had issues before.

Not going to pull my tray out to get a clearer pic, but this is what the belt looks like on my machine. Perfectly parallel to the gantry.

Stepper motor side (left):

Idler side (right):

Again, the belts should be almost perfectly parallel to the gantry frame.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Problem solved!!!

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@mjauw11 I’m glad to hear you were able to get it figured out!

Thanks @eflyguy for the assistance, good spot, that’s certainly not how we expect a belt to look.

Please let us know if you have any further issues @mjauw11 - I’m going to close this topic, but you can always open another one or email us at for any other concerns.

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