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I received a ticket from Glowforge and great f/up regarding a repair issue. I am now ready to return my Glowforge for repair/inspection, etc. and I have had a simple question into them via email regarding the repacking instructions. They have not responded and I am frustrated because I need to move forward so I can get back to paying jobs. Any tips on how to shake an email response out of them?

You just did, this thread opened a new ticket.

Hopefully (likely?) they’ll come back to your original ticket before they get to this one.

What question did you have? Several of the people here have returned PRU units and we know how to repack them.


The Support website has a page with step-by-step packing instructions:

As it turns out, I just returned a unit yesterday, so I’m happy to help if I can…


I think I am making progress. Thank you so much for reaching out.

I ordered new orange pieces…since I did not have the orange bars. I still need the little orange foam piece for the printer head. I understand that comes along w/the box if I were to order the box. However, I still have my box and foam inserts so I do not want to pay $249 for a whole new box set when all I need is a little piece of orange foam. I have not asked them if I can wrap the printer head in a piece of foam? No response as of yet. Do you have any suggestions? I do not want to mess up my warranty when this is really their issue that my glowforge has failed. I appreciate you taking the time to assist me.



If you are talking about the little orange foam cylinder that holds the lens inside the head, don’t worry about it. My unit was an early one and didn’t even have that foam. The magnet will hold that in place, and the white foam blocks have a cutout for the head so it won’t go anywhere.

The unboxing and setup guide shows you where every thing goes in reverse.

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Hopefully helpful, but non-authoritative suggestion. YMMV:

Wrapping the entire head wouldn’t really add to the protection provided by the fitted pocket it arrived in. The foam cylinder ensures that the internal focus lens doesn’t move in transit. It wasn’t included in early units, but the fact that they added it tells me they believe it to be important. I agree with not risking warranty status, so would recommend that you wait for their response.

Best of luck!

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I feel your pain. Been waiting for my shipping labels for about 7 days now, sent an email asking but am still waiting too.

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It correct. bad customer service

Glowforge came through. I have to say that I am an old techie and Glowforge has one of the best customer service departments I have ever dealt with and the GF owners forum is selfless. All is good…


I’m glad it was resolved! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!