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Hi all,
Does anyone have any experience with obtaining a replacement machine and approximately how long it takes for Glowforge to respond? They offered me a remanufactured pro unit and I emailed back and accepted the offer but I have yet to receive an invoice from them.

It takes a while to get a response. Whenever I email support for my machine in warranty, I usually open up with:

“If it is determined that I need a refurbished machine then please send me a newly refurbished Glowforge now to replace mine under the warranty that came with my purchase. I agree to return my old Glowforge within two weeks after my replacement arrives. My address is [insert your address].”

I then go into explaining my issue, attaching my wifi logs, and I usually have a ppt slide or two that explains my issue. Either way, I try and short the step of where they need you to respond requesting an invoice.

For my machines that are out of warranty, I open up with:
“Please send me the invoice for whatever you believe is the issue. If a replacement item is discounted if I send back my item (i.e. a print head or a whole replacement machine) then please send me the invoice for the discounted item and I will send back whatever is needed.”

And then I go into explaining the issue and such.

Just because they send you an invoice does not mean you cant challenge it. But its nice to just go ahead and have them send it. It is kinda like if you were at a restaurant and you have a waiter that is hard to get ahold of, then you might want to ask for the check whenever you get the meal and not drag out that whole exchange :slight_smile:


About 5 business days last time I arranged a replacement, between when they had all the info needed from me, and when I got the invoice to pay.

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Thank you

I would keep an eye on the account you used to buy it the first time. Accepting the offer may be an agreement to go to the same well as written by the FNL in the fine print. In any case, I doubt you will be billed until they have a machine to ship to you and that may be the invoice time.

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