Return shipping question

The Fun Size Death Star needs to go back to the farm for a while. It’s sitting in its box right now, and there’s a big gap in the padding right above the lid.

The packing instructions don’t really address the issue. I’d put the empty accessory box in there, but it originally shipped separately and I don’t know if we held onto it.

Any opinions on whether I should add some sheet styrofoam in the gap? (Sheets! Not peanuts! What do you take me for?) Or I could buy a piece of upholstery foam from Joann.

Naw, peanuts are the way to go. They’ll love you for it. :smile:
(That is not meant to be taken seriously. Sheet of cushy foam is probably good.)

I believe that foam “cage” the machine is packed in is highly engineered. If the laser was encased in solid foam the packing would present a much stiffer resistance to deformation. The foam “ribs” offer much more deflection that would absorb energy (like the crumple zone in an automobile) and help insulate the machine from hard impact.

When I returned the pre-release unit, I packaged the head in foam in a small box that I put inside the bed and pinned it in place by pushing the gantry up against it and using the red handle screws to lock the gantry in place.
I think putting anything in that space on top of the lid would limit the available room for the machine to move, and transmit the energy from an impact on the top to the glass.

Just my perception of the packing method, support will chime in and give official advice.
Here’s hoping your Death Star finds its way back to you soon!

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If you don’t have the top layer of foam that came with your Glowforge (or if it has a hole in it), we will need to send out a new set of foam. I see you have a support ticket open—I will respond with details there.