Return Unit

Would like to return my glowforge but I do not have the main box that the unit came in. Have not been able to connect the unit to WiFi and have been troubleshooting for a week now. I’ve emailed the individual how helped sell me machine and called the support number leaving my information, but no one has contacted me back. What should my next action be?

Calling support and leaving a message and sending an email to support are the only ways in which to contact them. This section of the forum is only for community help from fellow owners. Sometimes support gets a bit backed up, but they will get to you. Just try to be patient.


You can purchase the shipping container in the shop:


Hi, lets get some basics down

which machine do you have,
what error do you get when trying to connect to wifi
you bought the unit used? and it didn’t have the box???
(please more details)



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