Returning compact air filter

So it’s been a month now I sent several emails about returning the compact air filter and I can’t get anyone to contact me. Does anyone have any advice on this issue.

Yep…now you wait to hear from support. Posting here opened another ticket for you and if for some reason they did not see your emails a month ago, they will go looking for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

During day time (Pacific) there is a live chat available on the support page

I guess I will try and reach out this way tomorrow. So far it’s been a disappointment that no one would get back in touch with me. I am worried that that is a window of time to return this filter that I will miss out on because of their inability to communicate effectively.

Creating this thread also created a new support ticket, so you’ve got it “on record”, so to speak.

Hi @lornealladin,

My apologies for the delayed response to your emails. I just followed up with you personally over email to get the next steps sorted for your return. Since we’re resolving this there, I’m going to close this thread.

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