Revert of the higher speed settings

Is it possible to get the custom settings data that were using the beta speed?

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It was a beta feature. That means testing, and could be removed at any time.

They only removed it for vector engraves.

Depending on the UI to store designs and settings is a bad idea in-general. You should always keep backups/copies/settings locally.

Yup. That’s why I’m here.

Unless you intend to convert your older vector files to bitmap engraves, the old settings won’t help. The power used at the higher speeds are not relevant to the max speed of 1000 as they would be too high.

Yes I know but at least, I would have a ballpark from what to start from and indeed it would be helpful for the rasterizing which is pretty easy to do.

Unfortunately no, it’s not possible to get those back. The results when you engrave as a bitmap are quite different than when you engrave as a vector, so they don’t make a good starting point anyway.