Reword: Duplicating design on coasters

I’m rewording a question I asked before. I have 4 precut cork coasters that I want to use the same design on all of them. Can I place all 4 in the GF and duplicate the engraved design at the same time,
or do I have to do each one separately?

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You can, though you will get better visual alignment results running them separately due to the nature of the camera UNLESS you use a jig. Regular box cardboard should do nicely for a coaster jig.
There’s a lot of info on jigs in the forum, just do a search :slight_smile:


It can be done without a jig, the sequence is this:

  • Put the coasters in the bed.
  • Use Set Focus on the first coaster.
  • Place the design on that coaster.
  • Use Set Focus on the second coaster.
  • Place the design for that coaster.
  • (Notice that the placement on the first design shifted - do not realign it.)
  • Use Set Focus on the third coaster.
  • Place the design for the third coaster.
  • Do not move the designs for the first two.
  • etc.

Each time you use Set Focus in a spot, the other designs will shift slightly on screen, but not where it’s going to hit on the bed, so set it once for each, then run the job. Make sure the coasters are pinned down so they don’t move on the bed if they are lightweight.


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Didn’t know. Thanks for the info

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I’ve tried this procedure before (multiple set focus spots) and it didn’t work out. Only one of items ended up properly engraved :woman_shrugging:

Hmmmm. It’s supposed to work. Might have to jig it after all.

I would’ve thought so too and was very surprised when it didn’t. Mysteries.

Jigs are the way to go, it’s so much more reliable and faster.


Thanks for the info-

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