Rhombic Triacontahedron


I’m still sinking down the polyhedron rabbit hole…

The sides are each 2.5" and the whole thing is just a tad smaller than a soccer ball.

EDIT: See Polyhedra Starter Kit for the basic shape and connector.


Amazing! Gah! I can’t wait to get back to creating again. (Trying to get some household projects done. Including REAL workshop/creative space.)


I just want to pick that up and hold it for a while. Is it veneer on the top?


No, just PG medium basswood ply. :slight_smile: And yes, it’s very nice to hold – they all are. They’re just so…solid once they’re together!


I’m impressed with your tolerances!


Really nice! well done ! :slight_smile:


I’ve yet to make one but I sure like all of yours!


Me too! Glowforge is AWESOME.

@evansd2 gave me a tip about rounding the tips of the connector pieces to make them easier to insert, and toward the end of construction I used sandpaper to round the cut edges as well. I was kind of worried about being able to wiggle in the last piece without pushing the connectors off on the inside. I used a hobby knife to round the inside edges of the holes a little bit to help guide them in, then held my breath and put it in place, and after a little bit of wiggling and encouragement, it popped right in!




Wow … it’s beautiful!