I’m addicted. No idea what to do with it now but… (soccerball sized)

A few mid construction photos.


This is magnificent!!!

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Thank you! Tons of credit (and maybe blame) to @geek2nurse for the connector concept & for the inspiration. These suckers are seriously fun to build once you get the hang of it!


Oh, it’s beautiful!!!

You all are killin’ me with these things!

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You did an amazing job!

Awesome. Looks great.


Ohmygosh, another one! You guys making these are amazing.

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I’m in love with these projects you’ve been making.

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I am with you. Not sure what to do with this, but I am making one, maybe two, or three.
Beautiful work.

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Stunning, what great work coloring!

Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

A very pretty decoration! good job!

I’d make one with either family photos engraved on each panel or a cutout to frame a photo.

I’ve played with making icosahedrons. I too started with screwing but it’s literally a pain. After some tweaking I was able to 3D print some snap-fit pegs that worked great in my 3D printed hubs.


I think, like any piece of art, all you need to do it look at it because it’s beautiful. And the satisfying thought that you made it - - well, I’d be super proud.

These are awesome!

“…do with it…” Do with it?! It’s a showpiece! It’s meant to be shown!


Stunning creation!