I’m addicted. No idea what to do with it now but… (soccerball sized)

A few mid construction photos.


This is magnificent!!!


Thank you! Tons of credit (and maybe blame) to @geek2nurse for the connector concept & for the inspiration. These suckers are seriously fun to build once you get the hang of it!


Oh, it’s beautiful!!!


You all are killin’ me with these things!


You did an amazing job!


Awesome. Looks great.




Ohmygosh, another one! You guys making these are amazing.


I’m in love with these projects you’ve been making.


I am with you. Not sure what to do with this, but I am making one, maybe two, or three.
Beautiful work.


Stunning, what great work coloring!


Stunning! Thanks for sharing!


A very pretty decoration! good job!


I’d make one with either family photos engraved on each panel or a cutout to frame a photo.


I’ve played with making icosahedrons. I too started with screwing but it’s literally a pain. After some tweaking I was able to 3D print some snap-fit pegs that worked great in my 3D printed hubs.


I think, like any piece of art, all you need to do it look at it because it’s beautiful. And the satisfying thought that you made it - - well, I’d be super proud.


These are awesome!


“…do with it…” Do with it?! It’s a showpiece! It’s meant to be shown!


Stunning creation!