Ribbon cable

The ribbon cable on the left of the glowforge where it connects and turns appears to be lifted and feels like it’s folded around the far left side (where it’s impossible to see)

. I’m afraid to touch it, or turn the machine on. Please help.

Yes, it folds down into a little plastic case of some kind on the other side of the stepper motor, and that doesn’t look like a tremendous amount of slack…have you used the machine before? (The cable is fixed at that point…a little slack shouldn’t hurt it, it’s not a moving part.)

I’d go ahead and turn it on. Should be fine.


Yours looks normal to me.


Welcome to the community! Good job being careful, but like they said, that seems totally normal.

If you haven’t already, go visit Community Glowforge Tutorials: Table of Contents to great a great intro to all the ins and outs of the :glowforge:!

How did you get yours open enough to see that and photograph!? I cant get in there at all. Did you remove the glass?


The machine is relatively new, but I’ve been printing (and cleaning) almost daily for 2 weeks straight. I wasn’t sure if it was something that was always like that which I only noticed while cleaning, or if it was something I did while I was cleaning.

A number of folks who are out of warranty have started modding their cases to make cleaning easier/to print larger things/to attach their own filters - proceed with caution, but you can find descriptions on the forum

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Which model of GF do you have? It does not seem to have a cutout/grill for the exhaust fan.

We have the pro. Interesting enough we have 2 ordered less than 2 months apart from each other an both have 2 different fan covers.

Lucky you! You got one of the new ones eh? (The grid doesn’t clog as easily.)

I don’t even see a grid. The vertical line behind the fluid pipe to the tube just to the left of the alu support in this pic is part of the back of the case, behind the grid, which is a substantial piece of alu itself. Did they completely relocate the exhaust fan?

There’s also nothing plugged into the fan header on the PCB on the left where the fan connector is on mine (early Pro and many others)…

Very confused…

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I had the fan assembly removed and cleaning it when I took the above picture.

I also cut out the aluminum grill behind the exhaust fan as that was just an added restriction and dirt collector.

It does not take long for dirt to build up in the exhaust area if you use the GF on a regular basis.


Thanks for the help, everyone! That’s correct, according to the photo you provided the cable is positioned just fine. Please feel free to start printing. I’m going to close this thread now, but if you run into any trouble, please start a new thread or write to us at support@glowforge.com.