Richlite Wood Fiber

Some engravings I have done with Richlite Wood Fiber. These are all photos taken after washing the item. Setting I used was 750 speed, full power, and LPI was 270


Natural (and yes, the engraving does stay this dark after washing):

This is where I get Richlite Wood Fiber items from. There are tons of options:

The material is laser safe. Here is more on it if you want to read on: Material — Epicurean Food Service


Here’s the MSDS:

Looks like pretty standard resin byproducts. Nothing you’d want to breathe in, but with good ventilation it should be ok.

I doubt it’s particularly foodsafe afterward, though? The engraves are strikingly dark though, that’s cool.

Also, as an Evans and a lifelong pizza fan, I gotta say your peel design is hitting all my buttons.

(@markevans36301, check it)


Yup! Safety is always priority!

Also, my sisters married name is Evans and they are big foodies. So most my kitchen stuff engravings ends up getting “Evans Family” on it :slight_smile:

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These look awesome!!


Have used Richlite for a couple years in construction of musical instruments (fretboard and peghead). I like it a lot. It’s extremely dense so I can only mark deep score lines with the GF as a precision aid to placing a fretsaw. Never really thought about engraving the natural colored material. Came out really nice.


Nice!!! :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:


Am I allowed to post my settings in this section? Or is that only for beyond the manual?

Only in Beyond the Manual


Thanks! I moved it and updated it with settings then :slight_smile:

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Looks fantastic!!

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Damn, I’m beginning to feel like Alice in Wonderland - follow tha rabbit!