Ridged plastic piece that holds the belt on

Let me try this again.
Attached are 3 pics.
I’ve seen some temporary pieces made from 3d print, but they are the wheels on the carriage plate, which isnt what I need.

The piece that broke slides over the pulley under the arm that holds the belt tight.
Any ideas? Glue did not work.

1st pic the good pulley

2nd pic - the pulley that the ridged piece broke off of

3rd pic - the piece the broke off the pulley

By posting photos here, Support will be able to send you replacement parts.


That’s what I’m hoping for! I wish it hadn’t happened on a Friday with orders due to go out on Monday lol but it is what is!

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HI there. I see you already emailed us about this and I just sent a response to help get you a new pulley. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads, I’ll close this topic and will look forward to your email response. Thank you!