Right out of the box - laser only cuts on left side of machine

Hello all,
From what I’ve read on this forum - seems like I may have gotten a machine with an issue. I saw others with this problem & the only solution was to send it back as something may have been messed up in shipping.

Tried a few prints (watched video tutorials, read all the info) and if done on the left side, worked fine. If on the right - the laser barely made a dent in any of the material. After a few attempts, it wouldn’t even cut through the proofgrade material at all.

I think I submitted a support ticket - but it did not trigger an email copy for me and I can’t seem to find it. How do I know if it went through?


Tried calibrating. My brother read forums and instructions for like 6 hours. The camera calibration pattern shows how it doesn’t burn evenly across. The tool of best measure was successful as our first cut, then we tried again and it didn’t cut all the way through on the left side and barely scratched the surface on the right side. A few cuts looked like they were going to be successful but they didn’t even show on the back of the board. We made sure the crumb tray was clean, everything was level. No warps in the board - we tried three separate proofgrade boards (and I feel like everything was a waste). I’m pretty sad to say the least.

How long does support usually take to respond?

It could be that your material is not flat against the crumb tray on the right side. Try using some magnets or hold down pins.

Unfortunately we checked this - It is flat all the way across. Doesn’t wobble at all, no movement in the material. Tried a few different ones to be sure. :frowning:

@samanthasdoodle: Very frustrating I’m sure! Are you are absolutely certain that the crumb tray is seated properly, not slightly elevated at the “bad end” of your Glowforge bed? Many of us have had problems with debris getting stuck between the crumb tray and the bottom of the Glowforge “tub”. It is also possible to mis-position the crumb tray. Does it seem solidly in place? You should be able to slide it back and forth a small amount, but there is a “sweet spot” where is sits correctly. Finally, I’d remove put the crumb tray on a flat surface (e.g., table top) and verify that what you received is not “warped”. :sunglasses:

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I’m about 90% certain that yes, it is placed correctly and doesn’t wobble or have any warps, but will check this again today. Thank you for taking time to respond.

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I’m sorry for the frustrating start with your new Glowforge. Thank you for the information on what you’ve tried so far. I was able to locate the support ticket which you opened via email, and I’ve sent you a response with additional information and next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.