Right Side Pulley Wheel Replacement

I have the 3rd replacement wheel to install. The thingy inside the arm that the screw goes into has slid to the left and I cannot get it to move over.
I’ve tried a magnet but since the arm appears to be aluminum I’m not having any luck.
I’ve tried using a paper clip which I’ve uncurled to reach it through the slot but no luck. It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve been able to successfully use my unit due to broken wheels and the challenge of getting replacements.
Any help would be appreciated.
Customer support is aware of issue but still awaiting their response.

wow, I’m sorry I can’t help you with this problem but reading your post scares me a bit considering I just bought a PRO (tomorrow will be 3 weeks) and I’m down as well and waiting for tech support. I have a bad taste in my mouth right now

Yes, that anchor is not captive, and it can be displaced. The gantry is aluminum, but the anchor should be steel, so perhaps a stronger magnet. Alternatively, fishing for the anchor with a piece of wire would require a bit of luck, but is a viable method. A mirror under there will help. In a situation of building frustration, fortify your patience with a determination not to give up. Walk away for a few minutes if you have to, but don’t surrender!
If I found myself in that position, as a last resort I would consider tipping the machine to slide the anchor to the right. Many if not most machines have been parked on their end during shipping at some point.
I would like to understand how it is accomplished during initial assembly of the machine. :thinking:


Clear the area around your Glowforge. Take a paperclip and insert it into the slot where the screw goes, placing it on the right end of the slot, so it can catch the anchor and keep it from going past the slot while you lift the machine.

Get someone to assist you, then have them stand at the right end of the Glowforge and support the machine while you lift the left end. Once the machine is approximately 45° vertical, have your assistant tap lightly on the Glowforge body, to help shake the anchor loose and get it to move toward the slot.

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