Risers to Make Lasering Thick Materials EASY

I stumbled on an easy fix for this. The top of my “cake taker” is a perfect fir for the base of my dehydrator, and together they can snugly enclose a spool of filament. Overnight in there and brittle PLA is good as new in the morning. :blush:


Really? That tip might have just saved about 30+ spools for me - they’ve been untouched for the last two years, so I had no doubt they were completely ruined. (I’ve got them in buckets with a desiccant, but there’s no way to make them survive two years in this humidity.)

THANK YOU! :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for the elegant design, Jason. Orientation is sideways on my software, but a quick 270° flip of the X axis made them right. The pointy tops won’t provide much friction to prevent the work from slipping, but if the workpiece has some weight it should stay put.

It’s good for recharging desiccant, too. :blush:

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I use the oven for that, I buy it by the pound, but you can’t roast PLA. (It tends to turn into a puddle.) :smile:

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nice work, thank you.

I think Jason made the right decision to 3D Print these. They will hold up much better than slotted ones over time. Maintaining the skills and ability to design in 3D are critical moving forward as tech speeds increase. 3D Printing speeds will drastically increase over the next couple of years and to be keeping 3D skills sharpened is a really solid practice.

Both solutions are great. and thank you for taking the time and sharing Jason.

Great design! I don’t have Fusion 360 so I redid it in OpenSCAD. Sized the text to be printable (with Cura) on a 0.5 mm nozzle. SCAD file and STLs for a standard 1.4" measurement enclosed.


Whoops, printed these and the heights weren’t quite right. Will iterate and post revised code tonight…

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GlowforgeStandoffs.zip (103.4 KB)

OK, this should work correctly. You just need to put in the tray height, the clearance of your Glowforge, and the number of clearance steps (0,1,2)

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Printed these today on my Dremel and they turned out great! I couldn’t read the text on the original files either, but it printed perfectly on these. Thanks!

Thank You! These will be valuable.


@pubultrastar, you are most welcome! Yours looks like they printed great! Enjoy them and use them well. I use my set all the time!

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Great idea! I can really use these. any chance you can re-upload? doesn’t appear the link is still working.

Welcome @ajcphoto to the Glowforge Community!

I am unable to get to the file. It says the link is not working, either the file is no longer shared or the address is incorrect. Can anyone help me get the file? Thank you.

Sorry about that. @tkayenovak1 and @ajcphoto.
I recently moved my files from one account to another. As a result, the shared link broke.
I fixed it.
Here is the new link: https://a360.co/3aD2aPl
I also fixed the link in the original post.

Pew pew pew!


Is there a particular reason you won’t upload it here, per the forum guidelines?


  1. The link I provided is a LIVE link. That means the risers can be updated over time without having to upload new files to the forum
  2. The file that was created is a Fusion 360 native file. Not everyone has Fusion 360, so that file wouldn’t be useful to everyone. The link to the Fusion 360 file allows you to download the file in a variety of formats that YOU get to choose. This is much more convenient than me having to save the file out to multiple different formats (to cover all the options people might want) and then upload all those file format options to the forum. That would be especially laborious if I choose to update the design (see item #1).

In short, the link is a way more convenient way to share 3D CAD files.


Thank you Jason!!