Risers to Make Lasering Thick Materials EASY

Awesome! About to print these NOW.

Just printed a set of 4 in each size…

In order to minimize print time, I printed these using a 0.8mm nozzle, as opposed to the usual 0.4mm. Worked great, with one tiny exception – the embossed text was too fine to be printed in that manner, so the slicer ignored it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh well, good first draft and I have a Sharpie, so no problems. I think the next version will have pockets on the bottom in which small neo magnets can be glued to hold them in place while in use. :sunglasses:


Is the bottom of the Forge magnetic ? (Not stainless ? )
I’m away from mine at the moment (4000 miles ! ) so I can’t check.


Yep. (You mean you don’t want to pop over and check?) :wink:

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I wish :grin:

But this is what I miss most !

Picture by Hargreaves (about 1968)


Thanks so much for this. I’m printing these even as I type. I’ll be ready to go as soon as my Glowforge arrives. Great Job!!

Thanks for sharing! Great idea!

Great, now I have to buy a 3D printer, too. But I want a full-color, sandstone version. My husband is going to think I’ve gone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: crazy.


Knowing exactly nothing about 3D printing and only ever using 3D Hubs once to print a free model of Reddit’s Snoo which came out much smaller than I anticipated …

On 3D Hubs, did you upload this as modeled “in mm”, “in cm”, or “in in”?

I realized that choosing different ones from the drop down menu result in vastly different sized parts and want to make sure I get the right size. I’ll be using 3D Hubs for this project same as you, @alexmcclure.

I made sure to change to inches when I uploaded the file. From there it was pretty straight forward.

I made a few sets of the Risers as well. didnt worry so much about size / infill as I wanted them disposable (also made them from PLA ) knowing that ABS will give of a gas that can case problems when lasered.


My file is set to millimeters.
Note: I am American and love America, but the metric system is clearly the best unit system.


Keep your head down - my radar is picking up brickbats !


I am measurement agnostic and will work in anything but 99% of FDM 3d printers work in mm .


Any chance I could buy a copy of these from you (or someone else here who used this pattern)?

My Glowforge comes TODAY and I’m such a noob that I’m so deep, deep in learning how to design for the :glowforge: that I don’t think I have the bandwidth to sort out distributed 3D printer networks…

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Clarification much appreciated, @Secret_Sauce! I was able to get the file correctly re-interpreted.

No need to rush. You won’t need risers until you start lasering super thick materials, so I recommend you take your time and just order the risers online.

Hi Jason, Great idea! Could I ask a favor, and I promise to pay it forward. :wink: Could you modify the files to be able to dual color print (the sizes/words in a different color)? I have an Ultimaker 3 with dual extruders. I am unfamiliar with Fusion 360. That would make it easy to see the markings!

I would be willing to 3D print these for say 10 people if they pay for the postage only (I have a bunch of USPS priority mail boxes sitting here). I have plenty of filament to print these out in. That way they don’t have to pay the price of the printing service.

Let me know if this is possible… I can print in single color, just thought the dual color would be convenient for all. :slight_smile: I also have another Ultimaker 2+ printer here if we just do it in a single color…could even print a set this weekend before we start printing my son’s sword he wants to build/wire/light up for Naka-Kon coming up next month.

Hope everyone has a creative weekend! Sharon

I like @drathus concept of cutting the offsets out with a laser. It’ll be at least ten times faster than 3D printing and you can customized the offsets to hold all sorts of shapes.

Hmmm… I think I’m going to try lasering some ping pong balls now.

Careful. They burn fast and hot once ignited.