River Rock Engraving

Is there any information on Engraving on River Rocks, should I paint it first? I need help on this.

Depends on the rock. Why not throw a couple in and run some tests?

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A quick search on the forum for “river rock” yields this:

Take a minute to try the search yourself, you’ll find a lot of help already here, faster than asking for a whole new thread.

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You generally get better results the darker the mineral, more contrast.

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Here are the settings I used to engrave on grey river rocks. Maybe they will offer a place to start?

Good luck! Please share pics if you get it to work.

Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You, did you use tape or paint or just plain rock?

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I did not tape it or paint it. I just lasered on plain rock.

I removed the bed, used a few boards to figure out the correct height, used autofocus, and hit print. The flatter the surface the better.

@PrintToLaser is correct. I’ve had the best luck using darker colored rocks.


Thank You, I will post pictures


Looking forward to pictures.

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Some rocks engrave well, others don’t.
Paint the ones that don’t!
Also take care when watching the engrave, laser on rock can make for a very bright spot almost like a welder.


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