Roland Boutique Synth Stands

So, among my absurd synth collection, I have a swathe of Roland Boutique Virtual Analogue micro synths, that, don’t typically come with a stand. Even when they do, they’re essentially a tray with a spring to hold a wedge up at an angle. This is not only a little weak, but, retails for $60!

After making my original prototypes out of cardboard and then an alpha version out of wood, I decided to produce a ‘finished product’ version from black acrylic.

Hopefully these images speak for themselves a little.

Things I learned…

Not all 1/8" materials are created equal - or even the same thickness. This wasn’t a problem in this instance, but if I want to go thicker, say, to 1/4" hardwood I would have to of course make adjustments.

I used Miniso Acrylic paint pens to colour (yes, I’m British) in the logos. On one, I did this with the paper still on, then peeled it off. the other I did afterwards. Since it’s water-based, the results weren’t that different. I did of course have to do several coats though.

Leaving on the paper seems like a good idea, but since the glue used for acrylic actually welds the surfaces together using capillary action, it does find its way under the paper and will leave slight marks on your materials.


Major upgrades!


No one will ever believe you when you say, Oh, I made those…

They look fantastic!


those are way cooler (and nicer) than the box i’m working on right now.

i have a crappy little baby doll head light-activated theremin that i need to make a box stand for. and it’s going to look way more ghetto than that.

really nicely done.


They look great. Another win for the GF, something that looks absolutely professional.


Very fun project. looks great

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That black acrylic looks perfectly cyberpunk :smiling_imp:

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Brilliant! The stands look so professional that I would think they came with the synths.

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Exceptional work! So much bettter!

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Like a bought one!

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