Roman dice tower files

My take on this.

Original post here Roman Dice Tower reconstruction/modification

I made it in 1/8 hardwood and sanded tabs flush. If using ply or proofgrade you may want to adjust tabs slightly so that sanding is not needed. Add your own decorative sides & embellishments as you like of course!

Make three sets of stairs, one long & two short & glue into place alternating directions as needed.

If anyone wants the double sided tower with folding sides let me know, but I’m not going to bug the forums with it if no interest.

Roman%20Dice%20tower-01 Roman%20Dice%20tower-02


One of my favorites! Thanks for sharing the design! :grinning:

One of the cooler dice tower designs…IMHO. Thanks for sharing the files. Much appreciated!!

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Thank you!

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Very generous of you to share–thanks!

Always like variations please post folding model. Thank you for the files

Gentle reminder – we’re not supposed to ask people for their files. :slight_smile:

Only because he asked if their was interest in them.


Here is the double tower for those interested in it. Size the round holes correctly for whatever dowel you are using for the pivots. Let me know if you need instructions on the assembly.

roman%20dice%20tower%20double%20smaller-01 roman%20dice%20tower%20double%20smaller-02


Sorry, I missed that! :slight_smile:


Thank you