Help me brainstorm a contraption



That’s a way to ensure the kids get their exercise. Burn off some of those calories they will be collecting. :smile:

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conveyor belt?

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Thank you all so much! Just the sort of genius input I needed. My current thinking is acrylic ghost sleds and some sort of 2m teeter totter chute. I’ll cogitate (obsess) and update you as I get a working prototype.


why not use some 4 inch pvc pipe

Research D&D dice tower here,



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This isn’t genius, and totally impractical but…

The idea is fun to think about :slight_smile:


This etsy shop has so many fun files. Maybe a combination?

This is a test video for an event that got COVID canceled.

Although flinging flaming Snickers bars at children would likely be frowned upon.


How about a modified version of a flying crank ghost.

With some practice you could switch the motor on and off so that it only ran between 3 points. Stop it when it was between 2 of the pulleys for the kids to remove the candy from a hanging bucket thats being held by the ghost.
Manual control lets you can make sure of its speed and that the candy has been taken and kids are out of the way before it returns .

The only thing that may be a problem is the effect of the weight of the candy to pull the ghost off of the pulley.

One alternative would be for the whole setup to be only between 2 points and the ghost/candy stops at the end of the run and is then pulled back to your house/garage; kind of like a dog using a dog run.
Make the ghost disappear into a window or garage for refills. Cover the opening with a black curtain that has been cut up to allow easy pass through.


2nd idea would be to modify or create one of those t-shirt cannons used at sporting events to launch your candy packs into the air and make them chase the candy down.


As a future maker teenager in the early 80’s, with an 11-yr-younger sister, I rigged up something similar with a fluffy bunny rabbit for easter.

Scared the living daylights out of her!!


Do you have a decoration theme? That might help narrow down the options.

Or approach from the other direction? Fill a halloween fogger with disinfectant and kill the germs before that get to the front door. :slight_smile:

Code 23-19

Thematically the whole six feet thing makes sense, as the six feet under came from a previous pandemic. We generally do interpretive themes with no iconography. Here are two different years to give you some context. I like to do a new installation each year.


They actually make a fluorescent “ball” that was not intended to look like coronavirus (last halloween who knew) that was selling for 80% off last November.



I never used to like Halloween, but I’m going to have to re=think that. I love the spiderweb walkway!

This goes in the Xmas stocking of a ‘naughty’ kid? As opposed to a lump of coal.

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I have several blacksmith friends that really look forward to a stocking full of coal :hammer_and_pick:

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Did your logo change yesterday? I could have sworn it was red-orange yesterday. Maybe I need one of those lumps of coal.

It changes constantly. I try for never the same twice :grin:
I am trying to find a better use for them… :crazy_face:

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