Rookie mistake, what did I do wrong?

We created a pretty engraving as our first print, then attempted to cut it out and ended up just engraving deeper. Would like to know for next time how to simply cut out the image we engraved. Could it be because the original image is a jpg?

Welcome to the forum @robininaba.

Cuts will be defaulted for simple vector lines. If you have an image that is only a raster, like a png or gif, or jpg, there is not vector line to make a cutout. If your image is a vector and has filled shapes, you can convert that shape to a vector, but it may have double cuts if it is a filled line with two vector boundaries.

The GFUI has a cutout feature to enable you to cutout the outline of a bitmap image. I haven’t used it. Someone who is a bit more focused might come along and assist you.

You can always post the image of what you are trying to do, even a screen grab and that may allow us to give more specific advice.


I see, thank you for that guidance. Is there a way to outline the image with a simple shape (circle, rectangle, etc) and cut it? I am using proofgrade material of course.

Yes. There are shapes in the beta premium features you can use for cutting things out. In the meanwhile, just upload this and size as needed. Right click and save as. Uload in the user interface as add artwork.



That’s great, thank you Mark! Will post my finished project.


Thanks for the quick help here, @marmak3261!

To expand a bit on what was already mentioned, only SVG and PDF files can be used for cutting and engraving. JPG and PNG files can only be used to engrave. The SVG or PDF file needs to contain lines called “strokes”, which are turned into cuts.

If you’d like to create your own shapes for cutting, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started. If you’d like a little more depth, we have a longer tutorial that walks you through creating a design so you can see how to create a file with cuts in it. It includes step by step instructions and illustrations, including how to use Inkscape, a free design program, to create shapes for cutting.

I hope all this helps! I’m going to close this thread, but please start a new topic if you run into any other trouble. Happy printing!