Rookie Training

I’ve had my Glowforge for a few months now, and I still consider myself a rookie.
I’m jumping around, watching all different kinds of tutorials, and I Feel like I’m missing a bunch of fundamental things.

So I wonder if there is like a course study to understand the fundamentals I’m missing

For example, I can see my project in the Glowforge app, but it tells me I have no artwork. Now I realize my artwork isn’t great, but it is there, if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong at appreciate that

I can understand how you feel. I felt that way 7 years ago, too. No… there are really no study courses except time and experience. There are guidelines to doing first projects, though…so if you skipped over that part when you first got your machine, those would probably help a lot. If you stick around here on the forum, there are years of experience and skills in so many great people…and we’re willing to help whenever we can.

No artwork could mean a couple of things…that your artwork is ‘out of bounds’…outside that grayish bounding box in the UI. Could mean you have no material selected.

Let us know how it goes.


In case you haven’t found it already, evansd2 has a great “common problems and questions” post that is pretty comprehensive and, is kept updated:


100% this. The First Prints tutorial is not too be skipped!

Honestly, the entire support page has so much useful info. It should be your first go-to if you have a question, here being second :slight_smile:


I may have neglected the material selection.
I’ll check it out.
Thank you


That looks really awesome. Thank you.


Thanks, I did go through all of that. Maybe I should go through it again and make notes.


You’ve got this. There’s plenty of info around the forum and you can always ask for help when you get stuck.

FWIW, I have a moment everytime my GF tells me I have no artwork, even though I know what it means. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I know, just rude. I don’t need a machine to tell me I’m no artist, I already know that. I’m just a mechanic :smiley:


I know how you feel. I got my Aura approx. the time but also a crafter with Cricut, which helped. In fact a crafter Jennifer Maker is known in Cricut community but also has a couple of Glowforge lasers. She has a couple of tutorials on the lasers. You can check it out.

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