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Hi! Does anyone have a good setup with an inline fan and a window at the top of a wall? I just converted my office to a nursery and have relocated to our downstairs guest room :smiling_face: There’s not enough room on my Husky workbench to fit the fan so it’s currently sitting on a folded down table behind my glowforge, which is not ideal for the small space. Thank you!


I think you will want the fan as close to the window as possible for best air flow. Maybe you can think of a way to put a shelf (permanent or temporary) at the sill level.


Thank you!!

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2 90º plastic curves, a vertical pipe (either rigid plastic, or insulated flexible), and your fan at the top on a shelf. You’ll end up ~a foot away from the wall (I use that space for storing materials).

My window isn’t tall, but I can’t put the :glowforge: directly under either, so there are slight differences, but I have my fan blowing through the screen in my window, and a piece of insulated acrylic filling up the rest of the space, and so far even in 30º weather it’s been cozy.



Hi! Long time no see!
I’m guessing the need for a nursery makes congratulations in order?

Good advice here, get that fan as close to the window as possible.


I mounted my fan to the board that I insert into the window.


that is what i did too. I also have the vent extend about 12" from the window itself. I figured it would lessen “blowback”


I don’t think you can tell from my photo, but I used a dryer exhaust with a flap. I thought I was going to have it “permanently installed”, but I just move it every time I fire up the laser.


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing.


Perfect position of that fan, and I like the strain relief solution for the hose. Model installation.
Ordinarily I would suspect the room had been cleaned and straightened for the picture, but in this case I know neatness is your nature.


yes I do the same. I just made a “snout” on mine so it sticks out from the board in the window about a foot.

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