Rotated bed image and weird score pattern misalignment, Part II

Oh good…looks like you’re back out to 19.5 inches again. I need to check mine and see what’s what. :grinning:

Yep, it’s been fixed! (Thank you team Glowforge! Three days to find and fix is awesome cubed!)

But please don’t close my ticket again based on @Jules’ response, because I really want the other part of my problem addressed. I’m waiting to use that score pattern on the final version of my rather large project, and need it to print correctly!

Hey Ruth, on your other problem with the skipping…did you try reloading the file from your desktop and trying again? That looks like either a corrupted file or a mechanical issue…and for a mechanical issue it would be a strange one…it didn’t do it on the bottom section too.

(They prefer to keep it to one issue per ticket, so you might want to reopen the skipping file issue on it’s own ticket.)

I’ve waited over two weeks for a response already…I really don’t want to reset the clock before support has even gotten around to responding to this post to begin with. :frowning:

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You don’t need to worry about it being a warranty issue, you got your initial request in early, and they’re not the type to quibble over a couple of days if the machine has a problem. But you do want to get it addressed, so opening another ticket gets things going. :slightly_smiling_face:

They haven’t responded to THIS ticket yet. If the rotation issue is fixed, then it’s only about the other issue, and they can address it that way while I check the bed alignment to be sure I can work with it now.

I’m hoping to re-score the vector pattern again today and see what happens with it. (Been kinda busy this weekend…my daughter’s whole family, except for my SIL, are down with influenza…including his mom, who came to help them with their move to Texas in 3 days and is now hospitalized. Ugh!)

Ugh! is right! Definitely a higher priority to get everyone up and running again. (Flu is nothing to fool around with.)

Well, try not to get sick too. :frowning:

Heading to the pharmacy to pick up our Tamiflu as soon as I get Gkid fed. They’d all had their shots this year, so I’m not very confident that we’re safe! Hubs is on tap to help SIL with driving their two vehicles down, since the other grandma won’t be able to do it now, so I’ve definitely gotta keep him healthy, at least!


I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I don’t have answers quite yet, but I wanted to check-in briefly so you didn’t think we’d forgotten you.

We’re digging in. As soon as we have more information someone will let you know.

I do have one test I’d like to see to help us understand the twist.

Can you print a Gift of Good Measure in each corner (all 4 on one print)?

We’ll study the results and to determine next steps.

(And I hope everyone recovers from the flu quickly, that sounds rough.)

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Thanks, @pip! Here you go. It seems a little better than it was to begin with. Still kinda hard to predict placement, though!

Here are closeups of each corner:

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Assuming it’s a full sheet and in straight, your camera still looks pretty skewed.

The right and bottom were from a full sheet. The left I had to add in using scraps, but everything was lined up exactly with the sides and front of the crumb tray.

Looks better than any of the three units I have had. Yeah, there is some rotation (image, not cut) but all corners much closer than 1/4". Trade you.


Yep, what he said. My alignment might be a bit worse than it was, I haven’t had a chance to run the corner tests yet. (But I need to this morning. Lots going on here.)

Hi @pip – just checking in to make sure you didn’t miss that I did post the screenshots you requested a week ago, in case they got lost in the other photos that followed. Thanks!

Wait are we talking about how the rendered image after cut compares to the cut, with regards to alignment? Mine has been off since I received it in January but I assumed this was normal and am always hearing how the fisheye image capture causes this. I’ve only been able to align directly under the lens and even then it’s not as close as it looks zoomed in.

Edit: Forgot to say my lid is also a little proud on the front left (if facing the machine) and the middle seems to have a little bow in it. I can take my finger and push down on it lightly and feel it flex down flat so never assumed it was an issue. Sometimes I do need to apply a little pressure to get it to close over the bottom fold down ledge.

I’m terribly sorry for the long delay.

Regarding the Score Pattern Issue

Thank you so much for your patience. We’ve been reviewing your score print with the engineers and we’ve been able to reproduce the issue on units in the office. The issue can occur when you have several repeated vector shapes, and can affect both cuts and scores.

If a print experienced the issue, using the same design, with slightly different placement, may avoid the issue. It also means you can print a design many times and never see the issue… and then later experience it printing the same design. This intermittency makes it tough to compensate for.

Unfortunately, the only consistent workaround we have at this time is to rasterize the shapes and engrave rather than score them, although I know this isn’t your preference.

The team is continuing to look into it.

Regarding the rotation

I’m sorry the issue is making placement challenging.

We’ve also been reviewing the images you provided of the test print, thank you so much for those.

You had asked specifically:

how many degrees of rotation is acceptable

The spec we’re currently using is 1/4" irrespective of direction.

The prints show that your Glowforge is performing within the range of accuracy that we expect right now. As we make improvements to the software, I expect you to see further improvements to your alignment.

If you find that you have an alignment error of more than 1/4", please let us know.

Once again: I so sorry that it took so long to answer. You deserve better.

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Thanks, @pip! I’m glad you were able to reproduce the vector issue. As a former developer, I find it kind of satisfying to find a bug and thereby help to improve future versions of the software. :slight_smile:

I’m also glad the rotation issue should continue to improve. That makes the frustration a little more bearable in the meantime!