Rotation Handle disabled after resizing object?

After scaling a imported SVG file the rotation handle becomes inoperative.

As with my previous issue with the incremental rotation constraint, this operation limits the ability to fine tune the placement of a engraving on a piece on the bed. Since there isn’t a XY origin and rails, manually placing material means that it will not be perfectly aligned. Not being able to rescale a object and then align it is limiting the usefulness of the GFUI.

I have also just noticed that trying to use the top edge of the bounding box of the SVG object to align to the center of the object I am trying to engrave before resizing does not work because if I rotate the design (it rotates about its center) and then I try to move the object so that the boundary line is again along the center line of my material, it snaps back to the original 0 degree rotation.

What browser are you using?

It seems to be working OK with various permutations of scale / rotate for me on Chrome / Mac OS High Sierra. The only thing I notice about it is that the rotation handle likes to move back to the top somewhat randomly. If I click off an object, the rotation handle absolutely moves back to the top of the bounding box. If I don’t click off, it seems like a 50/50 chance the rotation handle will stay to where I rotated, or move back to the top.

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I’m in Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 on Windows 10

OK, looks like it is a partial function of the zoom level, the interface is not recognizing the actual handle but a point above and as you zoom in that point is farther and farther from the actual handle…


Replicated here. (Dang, it’s kind of a trick to get mouse cursors into a screenshot when you want them)


Nice work tracking down the repro case! At least half the work of fixing it is to have a clear understanding of how to make it happen.

Thanks for the great research - we’ll look into it.

I’m sorry I’ve been slow to reply. I don’t have a solution for you right now (besides doing the rotation before you upload), but I’ve seen the same behavior and have passed the issue on to the team.