Rotation/positioning traced items

Can anyone explain to me why we can not adjust the rotation of an item when traced. unless the item it perfectly straight/level…and the material you’re are using is again put in perfect everything is crooked…

Im not sure if I’m just not doing something right or something extremely valuable was overlooked design.

thanks for the help

At this time, raster images cannot be rotated in the interface. (Bitmaps.) Although vector images can be rotated, if a file contains a raster image component it can’t be rotated either.

For now, you can use something like a piece of wood with straight edges as a jig or spacer, and just line up your materials against it to make sure they are squared up. (If you are engraving on something less than full sheet size.)


Thanks @Jules for the explanation. @blindsay0608, I’ll pass the request to the right team!