Rough movement and wont pick up images

So I have received a replacement machine from having previous issues with my original. I finally set up the new one and was able to cut an image. Success… but it ends there. It’s been a few weeks and I have found the time to get back to laser beam some cool stuff.

It spends a considerable time scanning for the new board and when the arm moves it’s an awful rough dragging sound as the right side pulls more than the left. I have cleaned and checked the machine a bunch and nothing seems to be causing the issue.

I have just summited a ticket but any thoughts from you all that I can do would be helpful.
I really wanna use this machine, and its my 2nd one. I’m losing my confidence in glowforge.

You just submitted another ticket. :wink: (Posting here opens one.)

They’ll close this one once they match up the duplicates, but in the meantime, check your belts, rails, and wheels – could be a bit of debris stuck somewhere, or a cracked wheel, or (maybe) belt tension?

The long scanning can be caused by too much light entering your machine and reflecting off the material, or wifi that’s not acting quite perfect enough for the GF’s particular taste. :wink:

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i didnt know that. I’ll check those again…
thank you for your help.

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Hi @jonathonodaniel - I’ve just come across your email ticket and sent along some additional troubleshooting steps for you to try, please check your email for these. To keep things nice and tidy, I’m going to go ahead and close this duplicate topic.

Please let me know via that email if you have any questions.